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Party Wall

There must be a written agreement between you and your neighbour in any situation where you share an adjoining wall BEFORE any work can commence.

The Party Wall Act 1996 stated that a property owner must notify their neighbour in writing about the work they are planning when they share an adjoining wall. Because the wall is shared you must obtain a Party Structure Notice and an Acknowledgement Form as consent from your neighbour. Neighbours will normally give consent however there are processes should this not be possible;

If your neighbour is not contactable then it is your responsibility to appoint a Party Wall Surveyor on their behalf. If you can’t reach agreement then you may appoint an Agreed Surveyor who will then attempt to contract an Award Certificate that satisfies both parties.

A neighbour might appoint their own surveyor for an award certificate. We would strongly advise you to do the same in this instance. Both surveyors will then meet and draw up a contract to the satisfaction of both parties. However, if the two Surveyors fail to reach an agreement, a nominated third party Surveyor will be contacted. The nominated third party will then go on to draw the most impartial and satisfactory award with both parties in mind. Costs for these surveyors will normally be passed onto the applying householder.

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