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New Build

CDB offer a full home renovation, refurbishment, conversions and new build service to domestic clients and developers.

We are happy to take any project no matter how big or small. Whether you are looking to renovate a bathroom, entire house or build your dream home we will work closely with you at every stage to bring the project to life always to the highest standard.

We do everything from design, architecture, structural engineering, building control, project management and construction work.

We pride ourselves in our effort to carry out all aspects of residential and commercial work cleanly and efficiently. We deliever on time and on budget, to the highest standards. If you want to work with true building professionals, Chambers Design and Build is the right company for you. Our team of qualified tradesmen have the experience to delight you from concept to reality whatever the size of the project.


Find and purchase a suitable site
Secure finance for your project

Hire a suitable architect/designer. You could, of course design it yourself, but don't underestimate how tricky this is You will need to project manage all the construction work, find good suppliers and negotiate with suitable sub-contractors and check the quality of their work

Usually you will also do a lot of the hard physical labour yourself – so, for example – you might do all the brickwork or roof tiling, plus the plumbing, the landscaping and decorating. So you may need to improve your building skills or attend a few courses


Find a plot of land
You may be lucky enough to already have a site. If not, your first job will probably be to find a suitable plot.

While you are searching for your site you should try to get to see as many other self build projects – while they are under construction or near completion – as you possibly can. There’s no substitute for walking around sites with other self builders and picking up tips and advice from them. You should also be avidly reading the various magazines and attending the key trade exhibitions to build up your general knowledge of self build.

Appoint a professional team
Once you have secured a plot you will almost certainly need an architect or a qualified designer to draw up the plans for your project. You will probably also need other professional help – for example a structural engineer and/or a quantity surveyor, however at CDB we can take care of this for you.

Sometimes self builders appoint a project manager to run the entire project for them. They would appoint the rest of the professional advisers and organise a contractor for you, then manage their work.

Once you have appointed your design team you may need to negotiate with them over their fees. Some professionals are keen to link their fee to a percentage of the eventual construction cost. Be wary of this, as it can then be in their interest to design something that will be very expensive to build. So you may be better negotiating a fixed fee for an agreed level of service.

When you have appointed the professional team you’ll need to brief them clearly about what you want. Don’t be too prescriptive; you’re hiring professionals who have a lot of creative talent, so don’t handcuff them by telling them exactly what to do. ASBA - the Association of Self Build Architects (currently has 30 members, spread evenly across the UK) has some good advice on how to prepare a brief for a design team.

It’s at around this stage that you need to decide the preferred method of construction you want to use, and how 'green' you want to make your home.

Apply for planning permission
Once you are happy with the design it’s time to submit it for planning permission. Usually design teams will have held some preliminary discussions with the local planning department to gauge what will, or won’t be acceptable. Once you’re confident that your design works for you the plans can be submitted. Usually it takes 8-12 weeks to get planning approval. There is lots of good advice on how to make this process as straight forward as possible on the Planning Portal – this is the Government's independent website and it provides guidance on a wide range of planning and Building Regulation issues.

When you have been granted planning permission you then have to get Building Regulations approval – there's information about this on the Planning Portal too.

At CDB we have our very own team that cater for all aspects of new build, we believe sub contracting is a dangerous game and could effect the time frame of your project along with increasing sub contractors fees.

When you finally work out which contractor you want to use you will need to draw up a contract. Your professional team should be able to guide you on this. The Joint Contracts Tribunal is a well recognised authority on construction contracts and has a number of standard documents available.

To ensure we have 100% satisfied clients, each task begins with a broken down priced tender document. We provide a dedicated foreman and exceptional team of trademen from day one through to completion. Our project manager is available to sit down and liase weekly with each client to discuss and update on how the project is progressing.

  • Full Design & Build
  • Build To your Specification
  • Full Project Management
  • Budget Planning

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